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Graphic and Image

We attribute and give credit to  /  and their designer / graphic artists/partner/contributor for graphic, images and resources that are Creative Commons public domain, some of which we have used in this project.

 Attribute :

  •  the background  image for web or print
  •  icons for web or print
  • vector for web or print
  • PSD for web or print

Graphics Resources / © their respective owners.


Blog & Post & Creatives

We celebrate and respect bloggers, writers, publishers, artist and graphics designers who share, curate their insights, data, wisdom to educate, teach and guide us on the subject. We value their contribution and curate, share their writing and publication here. Below are listed few;


Entrepreneurs &  future thinking visionaries

Entrepreneurs are building blockchains, re-designing the architecture of the internet,  developing distributed autonomous organizations, launching smart contracts, re-imagining digital privacy and broadly finding ways to make centralized systems more distributed.

The cultural, economic, and societal implications of these technologies will be significant.

Our mission is to help innovators, game developers, entrepreneurs, designers, artist, thinkers, dreamers, believer’s and other future-thinking creators to bring their ideas to reality regardless to their location, origin, or socio-economic status.

TokenKart, partners with, celebrate and promotes the people who build them.

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