Bitcoin -205.73
$10,604.64 -1.94%
Bitcoin Cash -10.35
$310.73 -3.33%
Bitcoin Gold -0.31
$13.46 -2.28%
Ethereum -6.54
$193.06 -3.39%
XRP -0.01
$0.27 -2.99%
Litecoin -1.71
$74.52 -2.3%
IOTA -0.01
$0.24 -2.77%
Stellar -0.00
$0.07 -2.36%
Taskfair is building and evolving a a blockchain-powered ecosystem for home service on-demand platforms and gig economy marketplaces. Taskfair’s goal is to become the top solution that empowers users and service providers and promotes the effective matchmaking of transparency, efficiency, contracts security and high-quality standards. Taskfair's Platform powers the ecosystem to provide access to blockchain technology for a wide audience of home service providers and homeowners across the globe.
Token sale completed on 16 May
Goal: Not set

Home service on demand platform

Token Sale: 16 April — 16 May
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