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$3,261.58 -4.82%
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$89.29 -10.68%
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$11.19 -4.4%
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$85.06 -4.76%
XRP -0.01
$0.30 -2.3%
Litecoin -0.87
$23.34 -3.74%
IOTA 0.04
$0.27 16.35%
Stellar -0.01
$0.10 -7.46%
SixEleven 0.00
$0.05 6.12%
The Future of Content Creation
Token sale completed on 18 October
$4,700,000 200 000 000 AMP 2%
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About Synereo

Synereo is on the threshold of considerable growth. While the alpha of the social layer is released as a relatively simple application, to be developed further quickly based on our community’s feedback and suggestions, it marks the maturity of our platform and its ability to underlie completely decentralized applications: able to communicate, create consensus, store and deliver files through a peer to peer network – without relying on any centralized server whatsoever.

With this, the development of Synereo’s scalable, decentralized computation platform has achieved a major milestone and is now ready to enter the next phase – developing the infrastructure for a complete decentralized ecosystem. There are many challenges ahead, and a lot to be done before we can really put a dent in the “sharing economy”, eventually replacing it with a decentralized economy – but it is happening, and we invite you to be part of this groundbreaking endeavor

Token Sale: 18 September — 18 October
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