Bitcoin -44.95
$3,908.41 -1.15%
Bitcoin Cash -3.68
$155.38 -2.37%
Bitcoin Gold -0.28
$12.12 -2.31%
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$132.77 -0.99%
XRP -0.00
$0.30 -1.55%
Litecoin -0.96
$57.95 -1.66%
IOTA -0.01
$0.29 -2.06%
Stellar -0.00
$0.10 -4.42%


Big Data, Cryptocurrency, Platform, Software
Escrow for Financial and Cryptocurrency Markets
Token sale completed on 07 March
$3,935,974 0%

Serenity is the first blockchain escrow for financial and cryptocurrency markets. Serenity will unite brokers and traders on a single platform that uses blockchain to ensure the never-seen-before level of protection of financial assets for all traders and investors no matter the country of residence. The main features of Serenity Platform are: – Escrow – securing funds via smart contracts – Recording trading operations in the blockchain – Verifying broker quotations – Cryptocurrency exchange for quick cryptocurrency purchase. The prototype of the exchange is already available on our website.

Token Sale: 25 January — 07 March
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