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Token sale completed on 31 October
$2,237,880 5 000 000 GBP 44%
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About Seratio

The Seratio token and the philosophy of transacting intangible value has been in development since 2011. Its early beginnings was the ability to compare and understand an organisation’s impact on their communities and environment, providing the measures to support legislation in the UK, Europe and Internationally. Our ultimate goal, the ability to record and transact with our values has, at last, become a reality with blockchain capability.

The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance Limited ‘CCEG’, is a UK registered, independent not-for-profit entity that will oversee a fundraiser to complete the vision. CCEG, which span out of a UK university in 2013, is the global leader in the Movement of Value with over 60,000 members and academic partner offices in New York and Shanghai.

CCEG will allocate the Seratio, a digital token based on Ethereum that captures both financial and non-financial value transactions simultaneously. This represents two important firsts.

  • First Ethereum based token allocation from the United Kingdom (UK).
  • First time both financial and non-financial value will be recorded and transacted on a blockchain with mass adoption.
Token Sale: 01 October — 31 October
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