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Decentralized escrow platform
Token sale completed on 30 November
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About PayFair

Key features
Escrow service possesses all advantages of decentralization and blockchain technology and supports all major cryptocurrencies

  1. Decentralization is ensured by blockchain technology. Trust nodes and escrow nodes are rewarded.
  2. Each trade, which uses escrow is ensured by PFR tokens. Escrow-node is responsible for each trade, which he or she participatesipated
  3. Counterparties make a safe trade due to independent escrow nodes. Fees are significantly lower comparing to traditional escrow services. Using cryptocurrencies makes trades safer and more anonymous.
  4. Automatization of the system to the most possible degree and distribution of fees between the nodes. Open-source code.

Pre-ICO: 30 000 000 RFP; Minimum Target $40,000
ICO: 56 000 000 RPA; Soft target $170,000

First version of platform planned for: October 20 2017

Token Sale: 01 November — 30 November
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