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Token sale completed on 09 June
$100,000 5,000 ETH 2000%
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About Dynatiq

On Dynatiq, you can sell your online business (including domains, websites, source codes).  Dynatiq is decentralized service with 0% fee.

We are using cutting-edge technology to provide blockchain based decentralized service for $250m – $500m per annum industry.

Domains or websites marketplaces that are available today provide centralized solutions that can’t be trusted.

Our blockchain decentralized marketplace provides a solution for this. Our team consists of talented experts with 4 years experience in blockchain technology. Optional Escrow will be available on our blockchain based decentralized business marketplace to prevent fraud and provide a various advantage for people that transacts with it. A trust and feedback system will also be implemented.

With the aid of our technology, we will provide decentralized blockchain system for traffic or domain verification thereby preventing anyone from getting scammed. Our bounty programs will be evenly distributed across various industries.

In summary, Dynatiq will simply replace domain marketplaces with centralized solutions that exist for customers with a dynamic strategy that works based on blockchain technology and this will boost customer and brand relationship. This new technology will enhance the participation of customers and brands on website and domain marketplaces to ensure maximum security and increase the value for participants.

Token Sale: 25 May — 09 June
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