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$7,843.26 -1.07%
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$21.51 -2.69%
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$247.92 -2.66%
XRP -0.01
$0.39 -2.97%
Litecoin -3.15
$90.15 -3.49%
IOTA -0.01
$0.40 -3.25%
Stellar -0.00
$0.13 -3.6%
The Future of Money
Token sale completed on 28 February
$3,559,620 0%

About Cointed

Already cryptocurrencies are being adopted globally by consumers and the business world alike. As a commodity that is unrestricted by national borders, we strive to build a bridge between the real world and cryptocurrencies through future-oriented products and services.

Unlike other projects in the cryptocurrency world – where business ideas are being presented without transparent roadmaps how those self-set goals are meant to be reached – Cointed already offers a wide range of working blockchain-based products and services. The company has a successful business model and is already

  •  Cryptocurrency trading on the Cointed crypto exchange.
  • Multi-Cryptocurrency ATMs, which we operate as the biggest provider in Europe.
  • Payment Solutions, which can be integrated in online shops and existing cash register systems.
  • Green Mining at multiple mining farms throughout Europe, keeping with our slogan “Mine green and save the planet”. Only through environmentally friendly mining with hydro- and wind power a sustainable growth of the blockchain can be ensured.

Additionally, we are currently in the final stages of acquiring a banking license. Other upcoming requirements from authorities are also being evaluated in order to have a legal framework in place.

Token Sale: 20 November — 28 February
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